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  • A Day at the Fair
    This was not the first time we have been to the fair, but it is the first time I let the boys spend the day there and to have unlimited ride bands. Oh boy were they thrilled. lol I didn’t get many pictures in the exhibit hall because I was a bit too busyContinue reading “A Day at the Fair”
  • Yes, I Use a Wheelchair
    Reading through a few posts in my feed, as well as listening to some of the feedback from friends, I decided it is time to shed a bit more light on this part of my life. So here we go. I had to allow myself to accept the help of a wheelchair more regularlyContinue reading “Yes, I Use a Wheelchair”
  • Worth the Cost?
    We did make it to the fair like I had hoped. The boys had a wonderful time at the carnival side and learned a lot in the exhibit hall. I even got to have some valuable conversations with local political leaders and reps and a few others in the community. There were some hardContinue reading “Worth the Cost?”

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