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  • Update on the Race
    Yesterday was a full day, but it was fun. 🙂 I will share more pictures soon, but considering this was supposed to be up yesterday I wanted to jump in quickly with the promised results. The boys won! ^_^ They each raced twice. Once in different sets, and once together in the same set.Continue reading “Update on the Race”
  • Loans, Legos, and Bikes
    Once again I find myself returning after a much unintended break. Life can sure get busy and chaotic and I am finding more and more that I no longer have the energy to keep up as well as I once did. Translation? I can only stretch myself so far these days. lol Between homeschool,Continue reading “Loans, Legos, and Bikes”
  • AC – Pictures Time
    Over the next few days, I will be sharing from my notes and journal that I wrote in while on our trip up to Priest Lake State Park. Keep an eye out for more Adventure Chronicles (AC) soon. ^_^ Priest Lake is so beautiful! We had a quiet spot in a cabin near aContinue reading “AC – Pictures Time”

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