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  • Down for the Count
    My apologies for the sudden and prolonged silence here recently. I wanted to touch base to let you all know at least a little bit of what’s going on. As I have mentioned before, I use a wheelchair, but I still have some mobility. This means that I still stand and walk if theContinue reading “Down for the Count”
  • What’s Up In Our Neck of the Woods
    Anyone know how to build a time machine? Or a device that can freeze time for a bit? I definitely feel like I could use more lately. lol The boys are still active as ever though and I am grateful they are so willing to go with the flow most days. That hasn’t beenContinue reading “What’s Up In Our Neck of the Woods”
  • Busy Morning
    Daniel has been up almost since the crack of dawn, which is just an hour or two before the construction crew showed up. The guys have been great about having an enthusiastic watcher while they work. While I worked on keeping Daniel a safe distance, they answered questions and talked in between each tool.Continue reading “Busy Morning”

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