What’s Up In Our Neck of the Woods

Anyone know how to build a time machine? Or a device that can freeze time for a bit? I definitely feel like I could use more lately. lol The boys are still active as ever though and I am grateful they are so willing to go with the flow most days. That hasn’t been a skill that has come easily for them over the years so I know how hard they work at it.

Yesterday, I had a bit more stamina built up again so I tried to make it a fun day for them. My youngest got to go to his Pokémon club and practice some independence while I took my oldest out for a picnic and swings at the park. Then we all went to the local arcade for a bit and I let them loose. We finished the day off with a board game they both enjoy before bed and at that point I was thoroughly worn out once again. lol It was worth it though.

I would give just about anything to be able to do things like this for them all the time. I try my best to help their lives feel rich and full and to give them as many opportunities to learn and have fun as I can. Lately, I have had to be a lot more creative and resourceful to keep up as we haven’t been able to get out for near as many adventures. Covid was the start of that with everything having to be shut down last year, but my health issues is making it hard to get back up to our old level and speed. I have been starting a few unit studies with them though to help make up for it with fun projects that make history, science, geography, and literature come more alive for them. I can’t wait until we start our year of adventure next year so I can get them out to see and experience more things in person, but for now I am grateful they are having fun exploring closer to home.

Hoping to start an Italy adventure next with some neat resources I found. We have a story, a detective mystery, a collection of puzzles and codes, and some hands on projects (crafts, recipes, experiments) to try and bring Italy into our home for a week or two. Looking forward to it. ^_^

What are some things you enjoy doing? Do you have a favorite hobby? Favorite subject? Favorite local hangout? We would love to hear about it. 🙂

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